The logo's imagine has changed. In the Information Age the general public is increasingly interested in the meaning of the logo and visual symbols in general. And for a good and effective logo, it needs to be in possession of some key features such as legibility and good brand recognition.

Logo is the visual image of a company foundation. Because of the diversity of products and services available today, the need to use new and unique logos is even stronger. In fact, they are the foundation for any business or product you want to promote through all media, thus becoming the commercial face of the company: the corporate identity. It is evident, therefore, that the design of a logo (or brand mark) that you respect is a precise and complex work that requires a professional approach.


It is for all these reasons that we strongly wanted to personally take care of thinking and designing our logo. Logo that identifies us so deeply that we decided to protect and promote it. In fact, we registered it.

We are proud of our logo and we want it to be understood and appreciated. So we decided to dedicate a website page to explain it briefly.


Our logo (and much of our communication in general) is built around the simple but not banal choice to use a specific geometric shape in our communication, the square, which hides behind the familiar look an incredibly rich and complex synthesis of meanings.

The square is a fairly rare form in nature and it is therefore strongly linked to the meaning of artifice, "made by man".

In the most ancient writings and petroglyphs the square stood for the idea of the fence, field, country, home. In the architecture of the various peoples since ancient times we find a square plan buildings, especially those used for collective use, religious or defense. Conceptually it is an anti-dynamic figure, which transmits stability, full stop, balance, safety.

In our logo, that element which apparently reminiscent of a frame (fig. A) is the synthesized representation of a houseplant, where the entry threshold is positioned just above the median.

The reference is immediate. We take care to build residential buildings whose apartments are customizable by our customers according to their wishes. To make this possible we offer the customer the opportunity to intervene into the design of the interior space of his apartment, so right from the plant.










The letter A (initial of the word Abitare and first letter of the Greek-Latin alphabet, fig. B) with its forms and serifs arises as opposed to the regular geometric and static of the square: the one and the other can so visually detach remaining in strong relationship (they are perfectly concentric to each other, fig. C). The font used has specific characteristics that resemble print, typography and more generally the letters, representing the culture and simultaneously the elegance upon which the company wants to operate.

The word in (contained in the company's name, Fig. B) refers to the jargon manner of speaking to refer to the meaning of "conformity with the mode", "trend" (ie. essere in) and it is written in a font that has a strong link with the world of design, in order to emphasize the company's intention to act in the interests of research and constant improvement of the functional and aesthetic qualities of their product / service.










In addition, the plant form and placement of the letters are not random, but they follow a precise visual-communicative direction: both of which are linearly logical-semiotic bottom-left/top-right to represent optimism and progress for the future (fig. D-E).










Finally the color. The red conveys dynamism and vitality, strength and confidence, also in their own strength and abilities. Those who appreciate it are optimistic, determined, enthusiastic, proud. Historically it is the reference color that communicates passion: it is not a coincidence that our taglines is Homes for passion - Case per passione (fig. F).

fig. A

fig. B

fig. C

fig. D

fig. E

logo ufficiale Abitare In_Abitare In S.p.A.

Case per passione

fig. F








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